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New skilled visa rules from 1 July


We have seen some significant changes in the rules for skilled visa in the past year. Also today new changes were announced. Besides an updated list of eligible skilled occupations, some of the most important changes for temporary and permanent skilled visa are:

457 Visa:

  • Changes to English language requirements
  • Changes to training benchmarks for sponsors
  • Mandatory penal clearance certificates
  • Reform in skills assessment requirements
  • New sponsorship accreditation requirements

ENS (186) visa and RSMS (187) Visa:

  • Changes to English language requirements
  • Skills assessment exemption removed
  • Changed age requirement (<45 years of age)
  • Added "genuine need" requirement
  • Nominees need to be identified with nomination

For more information about the changes that came into effect from 1 July, visit the website of DIBP.